TEPSA Print Control

TEPSA Print Control 4.0

TEPSA Print Control is a powerful centralized print manager & print auditor
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TEPSA Print Control is a powerful centralized print manager & print auditor that help automate and simplify the administration of printing for Windows print-server, remote IP and locally connected printing environments.
Print Control captures the detail print job information including name of the user who sent the job, the document name, number of pages, total cost, submission time and date, destination printer, name of the computer from which the job was sent, duplex, color, paper size and print job size in Windows / Linux / Unix / Mac printing environments.
Print Control can count, quota, log, control and charge printing for the following types of printers:
> Printers on the print servers,
> Printers connected to the workstations locally,
> Printers connected to the network directly via IP address without using print server Users print to these printers via IP address) or connected to the print-server device (e.g.HP JetDirect print server).
Print Control provides a reporting tool allowing you to generate 100 reports that can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel and rich text formats. The reports can be created in any language and sent by email automatically. The reports can also be viewed from the web browser. Reports are designed for your print cost analysis and client billing.
Print Control charges print jobs based on number of pages, monochrome / color, duplex and paper size (68 standard paper sizes & 40 self-definable paper sizes).

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